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Summello Head Gears! Your Holiday Hair Accessories

Head Gears? Head Pieces? Head Accessories? Summello Head Gears?

What i really want to impart?

I think i really messed it up for you guys. But i want to stage up in this way only. Starting from zero, At this month of the year when sun is at your head but you really want to dress up uniquely and want to give your attires an extra essence so i am all set to bang up on head gears, yes for me the extra essence is head gears.

By Summello Head Gears i mean to proclaim that this summer’s say hello to head gears and flaunt them all the way specially in your holiday trips. Look Different. Be Different.
Let’s take the fashion trend to next level by wearing them.

Staging some of the looks and variety of head gears which i like so that you can grab them easily.

1. Crystal Cat Ears

How cool are these crystal detail ears? I just love them. Extra essence of these will pinch up your holidays to next level. This one is in rose gold finish. They are too cute to handle and too classy to flaunt. Every bit of it will add elegance to your overall look. So what are you thinking now? Get them girls and boys gift them to your girls and sisters.
Link- Tap here
2. White Hat Feather Bow
This little hat hairpin headdress can give you immense look. I love the color and the way it displays you overall is astounding. It can either enhance the look of  your attire or destroy it if not used with the desired outfit. So, don’t add it unnecessarily if not required. But don’t forget to add it when required. This particular color is good to go in summers and pinch of it can glam up your looks. This is a white hat which have feather bow flower big mesh veil. This hat is good to wear with western outfits specially gowns.
Color Range- Blue, Purple, Black, Red, Violet, Green, Orange 
Link to Buy- Click Here
3. Buns are Special
Fashion up your mood with these hot head accessories. This look is extremely special for events, family functions, fashion weeks, trips. One should carry these or similar head accessories to glam up the look of your buns. These accessories give you classy and elegant look. One can use them with both Indian and Western outfits.The link which i have put a wide huge range of bun accessories so you can choose your’s wisely.
Link to Buy- Click Here
4.  Scarf up your Head
The very casual and easy to carry head accessory. Trust me, I am wearing scarfs as head gears for many days now and i am loving it. The most easiest and subtle way to enhance the beauty of your looks. Whether it’s a casual day out, friends day out, road trip or similar meets, One should wear this and bring this up in recent fashion trend. I don’t think that i need to tell you that from where to buy it. For Delhites, Janpath Market and Sarojini Market is a hub for it. And people from outside Delhi can find it from any local market that too in a pocket friendly cost. Between i grabbed it from Sarojini Market for Rs. 70/- only. So, a very affordable and classy head gear that you can wear everyday with both Western and Indian outfits.
5. Fancy Headbands
Light up the mood of your holidays by wearing soft floral brocade design headbands. These give you are very comfy look. Just make sure that you should choose a different print of headband to look extraordinary. Headbands are your special friends, They will never ditch you by loosening up of your hair in between. I personally love the knot top design of it.
You can get special pieces like these from here- click
6. Hairbands
Even the casual hairbands are special for a good look. A good day can be spent by wearing them. When it comes to summer, One should opt for hairbands in bright colors.In this hot weather no one wants to open up their hair all time so high ponytails or cute buns can be sworn in through them. You can buy them locally or lavishly as per your choice.
7.  Bead Hair Band
White beaded hairband is one of the fabulous accessory you can have. They give you such a cute and different look. I specially recommend you to wear them with bare shoulder gowns or long dresses of any color in your holidays. It will give you an astounding look.
You can grab this one from here- Tap Tap
8. Hollow Out Head Hairband
Jazz up your hair in this way. This is a stylish hollow out braided stretch hair head band is very eye-catching decoration. No disturbance to eyes will occur if you wear it and it will give you a beautiful look.
 To Buy- Click Here
9. Hair Clips
Accessorizing your hair with hair clips and enhancing your hairstyle is a old yet most followed tradition. I have showcased a variety of hair clips so that you can be choose the best one to apply on your hair. Starting from the simple pearl clip then moving to pink bee shaped hair clip revolving around U shaped pearl hair clip closing at white pearl hair clip. These hair clips are good to apply on buns.
Where to get them- Link 1
                                Link 2
                                Link 3
                                Link 4
10. Hair Pins
Hair pins commonly called as tick tack pins are good to go with in our day to day life. You can also carry fancy pins just like the star one on your trips. They are super cool and you can buy these cutie’s from shops nearby your home. There range vary from the most fancy to the most basic.
A Life Note:-What is the most important thing in your life? What is your priority? I urge you all that in your busy life and busy schedule please don’t forget to take care of your parents. Don’t take them for granted and don’t forget that they are most precious to you. When you grow up don’t forget your responsibilities which you have towards them. They have struggled a lot to give you a bright future and when they become old it’s your time to be with them and help them whenever they need. Don’t run away from your responsibilities. Do no harm to elder people.
Do Good, Be Good, Receive Good!
Untill next have a good time and keep smiling. Wishing happiness to all!

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