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This Summer Give Your Nails Matte Look!

Hey people, I am back with another interesting thing to make your summer’s special. The notion is “This Summer’s Use Matte” by nourishing your nails with matte nail paints. Chuntering about Matte, it is the latest and hottest trend. Matte is basically a color without any shine or shimmer or glossiness or any metallic qualities to the color. Adorning your nails with matte finish nail paints add classiness to your over all look.

Shiny and Shimmery nail paints also look exquisite but they cannot be worn everywhere for instance at work places, colleges or a casual day out.Shimmery nail polishes simply don’t fit in such scenarios  But Matte can be worn everywhere whether it is a casual day out, parties or occasions. They fit into the picture very well and provide a whole new outlook to your appearance.

Happiness which Matte Nail Paints Impart-

  • Super Matt effect on application.
  • No shine or glitter in the polish.
  • Smooth and gorgeous coverage in a single coat and a stunning, plumping effect in a double coat.
  • Stylish and Ultra Matt Nail Colors
  •  Long Lasting
  • Stunning and Fashionable

I am showering light at the top 10 matte colored nail paints which are used widely. These beautiful shades will make sure that your nails are best-dressed always.


How wonderful yellow is? It stands for sun. This sunny matte nail polish is a gift from Revlon. To shine like a sun and make your summer’s special one can use this nail paint. This color can also make your grey day beautiful with it’s glare. The shade is very wearable and affordable in price.
Price-Rs 190
Where to buy- Here


Purple is a mysterious color combining the opposites of red and blue to suggest both nobility and spirituality. To add more sophistication in your life use purple matte nail paint. Go Bonjour and buy bonjour paris supper matte purple ash nail paint.
Price- Rs 115

The matte aspect is a fun twist and this shade of red is gorgeous. The shade is darker than regular reds and would look faboulous for an eveing out. It gives the frosty matte look which is very stylish. Shedded from the limited edition, it is the Zoya’s velvet matte nail polish (Posh Zp500). The summer’s will become hotter with this classy color.
Price- Rs 1529
Link- Here
This refreshing and light color is from Colorbar. The lighter shade of pink giving a kind of nude look is very subtle. The matte effect given by it is insanely stark and smooth. And the change given by it is magical on nails.
Price- Rs 325
Where to Buy- Here
Who don’t like strawberries and when Nykaa originated a matte nail paint of it then it is like a strawberry on a shortcake. Defining it right, the name of this nail paint is Nykaa Matte Nail Enamel- Strawberry Shortcake 159. This color is one of my personal favorite although i like them all whom i am writing.
Price- 199
Link- Here
It is a beautiful Marine Revlon Nail Enamel Matte. The single glimpse of it will attract you to buy it. The color comes out very elegantly when applied on nails.The color is very cool for summers and is available rarely.
Price- Rs 175
Where to buy- Here
Some feel that gray is the devil’s color but forget that it is the color of intellect, knowledge and wisdom therefore Gray shade have it’s own importance. When it is pumped on nails it comes out in an astounding way, This is the Nykaa’s Chia Pudding 116.
Price- Rs 199
Link- Here
Blue is the color of sky and it represents peace, calm and trust. The color is perfect for the atmosphere which is created in summers. This “Fearlessly Alice” from OPI’S Alice in Wonderland Nail Varnish Collection delivers teal blue color with a long lasting chip-resistant creme finish. 

 It is a luxurious color with a high cost.
Price- Rs 5788
Where to buy- Here
My current Favourite in dark shades. The color is mouth watering and lavishes with most of the outfts.The color can be defined very well with formal or informal events. Almond your heart with this LYN matte brown nail polish.
Price- Rs 350
Link- Here
Say Yes to nude colors this Summer. Nudes are the new love and define the word classy correctly. It is the Maybelline color show nail enamel. The color nude can’t be defined as one color, but a variety of different shades. I find this color soft and appealing.
Price- Rs 110
Where to buy- Here
How to apply matte nail polish- First apply a clear base coat to help your nail color last longer. With one sweep, paint the first line of nail polish starting from the base to the tip, Then apply color to the rest of the nail.
A Life Note– Today, i am going to share the secret of happiness with you guys. And it is to be happy in accepting where you are in your life and making the most out of everyday. Never lose hope and keep doing the hard work.
So, I sum up my this blog post here. Hope that i turned out to be a helpful hand for you guys.

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