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This Summer Vacation travel to MP’s Jabalpur!

Known for its peace, freshness, and ghats, Jabalpur is located in India’s Madhya Pradesh.

Known to many, unknown to some the city is famously known as a smart city because it is ranked 7th among the 20 lighthouse cities selected in the first round of smart cities under Government of India (GoI) smart cities mission (SCM).

Being a traveler nothing is more peaceful than having a sight of mountains and water at one place. But this small city have the capacity of filling your eyes cheerfully by giving both the luxury. If you are looking out for mountains, you can visit Bedhaghat which is located approximately 25 minutes from the city. It gives your eyes the pleasure of seeing the white marble mountains, ice-blue mountains and that too in a boat. Yes, a roarer will make you go through it while you just have to sit and enjoy. To make the most of your journey through the mountains, the roarer provides you with a remarkable commentary by giving you insights (mostly imagination about these mountains) on your way.

You can either take private or public boat for your journey. Also, there are two-time slots available for this boat journey. You can either travel for half an hour or one hour as per your wish. I suggest one hour is a must to make the most of it. The final views are even mesmerizing.



Now let’s move towards the water and inform about a pleasant time of Ghats and Waterfalls to the water lovers. This can surely touch your heart as it did mine. Clean water, peaceful ambiance was the view and I look for nothing more.

Dhuandhar waterfall, located near Bhedaghat is a sure shot place to visit. By showcasing such a deep, beautiful view, the place has become my favorite in Jabalpur. I can’t explain in words, the sight. It was green and serene. Even the photographs, videos fail to capture its true beauty. I feel one should really visit the smart city, Jabalpur for this waterfall.

It made me lost in its beauty, you can spend your whole day sitting near the Dhuandhar falls and do nothing expect to feel the beauty and spacing it in your memory for forever.

Besides, Gwarighat is also one place to visit which is situated on the banks of the river Narmada near the city of Jabalpur.  It is associated with Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism. On the opposite site of the ghat, there is a Gurudwara. You just have to take 10-15 minutes boat ride to reach the other side and visit near the peaceful Gurudwara. You need to climb a few stairs, say 100 to reach outside the Gurudwara. Even the view from there is amazing. Don’t miss out on this as well. Bargi dam is also one place to make your eyes happy! The voice of water is so loud and clear that you can feel everything so deeply.


A trip is never complete without exploring the local food of the place. And when specialty of the city Jabalpur lies in Jalebi, you cannot resist yourself from eating it. Poha-Jalebi is the most common breakfast in this city. You can find many stalls on the road selling this famous dish. Apart from this, the food tastes just like Delhi’s quintessential. It’s just a bit spicier!

The way people talk there is also one thing you notice. the word, “Apun” is a lot more famous and used in their day-to-day sentences.

“Apun sab khana khane chalte hai.” It’s so common that after a time, you notice yourself using this word in your sentences.


Jabalpur, Tier 2 city is full of treasures and is also famed as ‘Sanskaar Dhani’  as it is rich in culture. I think one should explore India’s this treasure trove instead of moving their toes towards foreign countries.

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