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Tips to stay cool this summer!

Summers are quite a savage but there are fabrics, which act as a savior if utilized properly for your everyday wear.  Soothing scarves, shirts to flowy floral skirts, dresses, shirts, and suits – one has to be conscious about the fabrics, one uses for college and work wear.

With profuse sweating during summer, try choosing fabrics that wick out the excess moisture and keeps you comfy in this season.

We would like to introduce you to a few tips and trick for staying cool this summer without too much fancy and frills in your dressing style.

  • Linen and cotton fabrics being the most popular among various other fabrics. Choose dresses, skirts with cotton shirts or tops, linen trousers (for college wear) and (for business or formal wear) choose trousers and formal suits in light linen fabrics are airy and breathable.

  • Linen fabric designs usually have natural creases. Hence, if you’re someone who hates to iron then spray water and smooth the wrinkles with your hand.

  • Colour can either accentuate or tone down your appearance. Usually lighter hues tend to absorb more heat than darker ones.
  • Choose florals over stripes in either cotton or linen fabric designs depending on your stature. Stripes on a short person make you taller while on a bulkier person it might look toned. Black and white combination is the most suitable one.

  • Choose flirty tops, A-line silhouette dresses, flirty and flowy dresses which are loose rather than body hugging and tight clothes. Wearing a tight one during summer might constrict blood circulation by constricting breathing ability.
  • When you’re styling up on your linen fabric design wear, make sure you wear correctly. Either dress up perfectly in a classic blazer or full suit. With a natural crinkle, it looks sophisticated and can be a versatile option for all summer occasions.
  • Opting for timeless palettes and undertone of white, pastels, black and muted tones will make your linen clothing last a lifetime.


  • Though white is a favorite summer color. Some of the brighter hues like baby blues, grays, creams, yellows and tans will make you feel cooler than lighter shades and you can be easily spotted in the crowd in this bright weather.

  • Hats are a classic and stylish option. Hence to protect the body heat to pass from the head, try protecting with a felt hat.

  • Usually flip flops, slides are water-proof and a fantastic summer shoe.

Summer or any season, you must always keep raising your style standards and not belittle your fashion choices. At you get flattering fabrics that suit you for every occasion, season, thus tailoring your fashion needs at ease.

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