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Travel Story: Stay cation at Themis Mud House

Travel is my prime getaway from everything workaholic, from writing content to shooting for videos all I wanted was to run away from my busy schedule and hectic days at least once in a month. My idea is to rush from quintessential day-to-day work and land up to a place which is calm, peaceful, close to nature and of course, has perks of staying near to water. Where I can be lazy!

I always look for beautiful resorts which have a touch of antique stuff, a chunk of trees around and wind to breathe in fresh air. Guess what? I found the place! Themis Mud house which is situated in Village Sampla, Haryana is the best place to travel if you are looking for a 2-3 days trip.




The area is ideal to go either with friends or family. It gives you the essence of Haryana. From classic folk dance to quintessential Hookah, from Kulhad vali chai to Haryani Thali, the place makes you stroll around many colors of Haryana.




It has a pretty cool swimming pool with quite nice height level, 5’5. You can sit near the pool area and enjoy the weather. The place has a lot of open areas so that you can be close to nature. It has shed area with nice sitting so that even if it is raining, you can sit outside and enjoy.



The rooms have a touch of antique things such as heirloom telephones, they were working as well. You can also see the antique clocks as well as antique chairs! Also, to enjoy the most of this location, they have two key rooms- The Royal Room and The Mud House Room. I got my hands on the Royal Room. It was bigger, brighter and full of antiques. The washrooms also give you the essence of antique things. It has a small cute ladder inside it where you can put your towels.



Besides, there is an amazing game zone at this location where you can play many games such as cricket, air hockey, billiards, and chill! Themis is also famous for its delicious food. Whether you wish to have typical North Indian or Chilli Chinese, everything is satisfactory here with great service. Amongst all, I will visit this place again and again because of its great hospitality! I love every bit of this place’s hospitality, the staff is so generous and helpful!

And I met this cutie as well!

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