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Waffles: A dessert which makes you crave for it every day!

A byte of a melted chocolate split over a golden and crisp thick milky bread served with the sweetness of cold white ball is one of the desserts people love to eat nowadays.

Waffles, it has become famous in Delhi especially among youth. We can witness that more and more waffle outlets are being open up. A lot of outlets can be seen in CP, Punjabi Bagh, Model Town, Saket, Greater Kailash and many areas of Delhi. The fame has grown so much that now a waffle shop can be seen in every 1-2 km.

Made up of flour, butter, and eggs in most of the shops, It is a desert which is making people go crazy. Even waiting is noticed at waffle outlets at night. Apart from chocolate, they are available in many flavors some of them are Nutella, Oreo, red velvet, choco chip, white chocolate, chocolate brownie, strawberry, and swiss chocolate. I personally like Nutella and brownie waffles. Mostly these waffles are served with vanilla ice-cream but you can also try it with chocolate ice-cream or coffee ice-cream.

I personally like these five places to get nice waffles,  Wenger’s(CP) popular for Nutella and blueberry waffles, Belgian Fries (Noida) for dark chocolate Nutella waffle and waffle sticks, Movenpick (Saket) for creme caramel and Swiss chocolate, Wafflesome (GK, Punjabi Bagh) for Nutella and banana toffee and The All American Diner (Lodhi Road) for Belgian waffles.

Besides, waffle sticks popular game is also going strong. It is good to go for people who are not a lot into sweet dishes, they can try it to keep it minimal. Even I think that this dessert is full of sweetness so I mostly prefer sticks over full waffles!

Ps- Dear desserts, We can’t avoid you but we can try to keep you minimal to remain healthy!

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