Wedding Season: Here’s what Manish Malhotra, Anita Dongre and Shyamal Bhumika have come up

The houses are going to enlighten with happiness and lights, roads will be chirruping and the mood of the people are as lit as the first sip of a LIIT. Yes, excitement is on the peak as wedding season as well as months filled with festivals are around the corner. I can’t keep calm and neither do the people around me. Now is the time to create ripsnorter styles and let the cravers follow it. Unique styles are in demand now!

I am inquisitive about what renowned designers are going to come up and therefore I knocked on the doors of Vogue Wedding show and dug out some captivating designs and style by various renowned designers such as Manish Malhotra, Anita Dongre, Shyamal Bhumika.

Here’s the description of my encounter with luxury designers and their weavings-

Manish Malhotra has brought a flavor pita and zardozi work weaving it in off-track colors. Yes, if you want to explore colors beside pastel, then you got to hit Manish Malhotra store. I personally felt that the collection was fine. But I think they missed the styling part. Looking for more cuts and curves.

Anita Dongre’s collection is inspired by Ranthambore and everything around it. Her signature style of putting “Gotta Patti” could be seen in every dress. Anita didn’t go out of the line but remained stick to the trendy queue of knitting outfits in European colors. Clothes in pastel colors could be witnessed all around her flamboyantly decorated room at the vogue show.

Shymal Bhumika is another place which one can’t ignore when it comes to buying outfits for the wedding. One cannot complete trousseau without seeing their work. But this time the experience was not so up to the mark. They have opted European style and intertwisted it in pastel colors. And that was the peak point which is just like an ordinary pizza for me. I miss the Italian topping of the pizza.

Check out a few pictures of the outfits brought up on the ramp by the designers-


Anita Dongre designs




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