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World Earth Day 2019: Smart ways to save environment and your budget

With the coming of World Earth day, it’s a time to think about our existing stones, to think about the place where we are living and do smart things in a pocket-friendly way for a better environment, for a healthy life.
For those who are environment-friendly, you guys are doing great and for those who are just living without thinking about it, ahh let’s do something special on this day. Let’s make our Mother Earth proud!
So, after a session of overwhelming thinking with my inner soul… here are the organic, environment-friendly smart ways we can do on 22 April, World Earth Day and in the following days because it’s a time to bring a change forever.
1. Walk or ride cycle
Neither of these modes of transportation needs fossil fuels or electricity. Traveling by walk or cycles is even good for health. This is one of the prime things people need to adapt to a better environment and it is budget friendly as well. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to bring a change!
2. Shop with reusable bags
I think everyone is familiar with the story of the pregnant whale who was found dead after 22 kg of plastic was found in her body. Plastic is very harmful and since it is non-recycle we should boycott its usage. Shopping with a reusable bag may also save you money, nowadays stores charge you money to have a bag. Shift to jute bags guys!
3. Group errands together
It has become very necessary that neighbors should start traveling together especially when their destiny is the same or nearby location to each other. This practice was followed in our good old days and I think it should start again.
It is also known as “trip chaining.” By planning grouping errands, you can successfully save time, fuel money and reduce traffic on the roads.
4. Use public transportation-
For longer routes, it is a good option. Public transport such as metros and buses are provided feasibly nowadays. This helps you save money and carbon emissions. I think one should prefer this if you are traveling alone or in a pair.
 5. Don’t overdo on groceries-
Too many of us buy too much at supermarkets and grocery stores, and we’re not particularly good utilizing all of it which results in wastage of much food. It is always better to make a shopping list in advance before going out to waste less, shop smarter and be creative with foods.
Also, another wise idea is to Plant Trees. This is not a new thing. Whether from our teachers, parents, we are told about this thing since childhood. Even in most schools, it is celebrated by planting trees only. So, yes it’s a great idea to give your minimal for a better nature, for a better life.
Happy World Earth Day, 2019!

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